Monday, January 25, 2010

back to the beginning

Lily loves pasta. And cheese. :)

January has been a slow whirlwind - lots happening, but time is crawling. I can't wait for spring! Here is a smorgasbord of random pics:Stepping up the snow to get the mail with the delightful inversion as a backdrop. On a happier note - Jack helping Dad with shoveling during a storm. Can you tell he has an older sister and we're too cheap to buy him his own gloves? He is always opening the front door, then grabbing his coat and shoes and bringing them to me so he can go outside.Amanda posing for Lily, who loves taking lots of pictures. Amanda had an awful lot of baking energy for being pregnant! We made a crazy buttery chocolate cake for Adam's birthday (28! He informed me yesterday that this is the last year he is eligible to audition for American Idol). My hips still haven't recovered. The only nice thing about Amanda being gone was that I wasn't doing dishes 5 times a day. (Good luck, Tyler!) While she was here I found out that Britt is pregnant too! Being engulfed in all of these pregnancy hormones made me wonder if I should get going or something, but then 5 seconds later those musings ended abruptly.At the Spaghetti Factory, before the airport. Henry ate everything in sight, it was pretty funny. Shopping with Amanda in Salt Lake made me wonder less that people grow up and live in the same place as their family. She is so fun to have around! I was so spoiled to get her and Liz to visit, along with a big break in St. George, within two months.Matt's Homecoming dessert spread - this is after distribution of treat platters around the house. Nicole's mint brownies are some of the best things EVER. Family get togethers like this make me feel like I'm 12 again and should be running around the Hansen house with my cousins eating rolls and treats. Adam quells those reminiscings quick, especially since the football games determining the Super Bowl contestants were that afternoon....And here are our two bath-obsessed cuties. They will stay in there for so. long. It is wonderful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

welcoming gifts of 2010

Jack got a black eye. Symbolic of things to come? Probably with how much this boy loves climbing.
Lily is getting a week+ with Amanda, who is sick and pregnant and who I'm supposed to be taking care of, but like always she is doing much more for me.
And I got a midnight kiss from this charmer, who is posing for a shot from the front of the line for the blockbuster "Sherlock Holmes." We are such nerds for getting there so early, but we blamed St. George for having lines for movies that really shouldn't.