Monday, November 28, 2011

positives and negatives

I have to admit I was very nervous about Thanksgiving this year. Last year was a nightmare; when asked why from my aunt Denise, I replied that the fight with Adam was so bad that Isaac would be a few months older if it hadn't happened. Whether it is fighting over whose house to be at, or the stress of driving home in a snowstorm that extended the drive 3 hours, it just hasn't been my favorite holiday weekend.
Anyhow here are the positives and negatives of Thanksgiving holiday this year:
-Adam passed his last CPA exam!!! He is done!!!! I think this fact alone kept us in high spirits.
-Jackson suffered his 1,638th almost-concussion right before we left Ogden. Smacked his head on the concrete floor of Cafe Rio. Adam had me try and wake him up every 45 minutes of the beginning of our trip to make sure he was okay; cue me yelling his name, slapping him, pinching him, etc etc with no response for 3 minutes until finally he would barely open one eye. Stressful!
-Engine failure in the Subaru. Right around midnight - super stressful! Jack was still out like he was in a coma, it was freezing outside and I was so worried all 3 kids would wake up cold and crying.
-We were near Fillmore and Alicia's mechanic father, who the tow-truck guy knew so gave us a 'discount' (Adam suspects he says that to everyone).
-I am apparently terrified of tow-trucks? I cannot believe how scared I was to get up there and ride the 20 miles to Fillmore. I kept on imagining the car just sliding off the truck and all of us diving into the ravine.
-We got Jack to wake up completely, telling (shouting to) him that we were on a tow truck. Definitely no concussion! He was wide awake until we got in bed at 2 a.m.
-I realized the extreme pain I had experienced throughout the day was mastitis, and the flu symptoms were manifesting themselves right while we were trying to get settled into the hotel room.
-Jon and Natalie Zempter were willing to pick up the van from Ogden and bring it to us so we could finish our trip to St. George. Lifesavers!!!!!!!! Also the kids were great during the wait; thankfully we had my bike and Adam gave them rides on the handlebars.
-The Subaru is finished. Maybe I would be a bit more sad if it hadn't broken down in the middle of a cold night in between Beaver and Fillmore. Adam is talking about getting a Tribeca but I feel betrayed.
-Mom and Dad are letting us use the van until we can get something else. Talk about being generous! We would be in deep trouble without it.
So anyways, all of the crappy stuff got out of the way before we even got to St. George, and it ended up being a wonderful trip. Mom and Dad of course took us out to eat to celebrate Adam passing the Audit section, which was fun. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Bentley's at the ward - YUM! And this year we stayed for the entire talent show, including Lily and Jackson's somersaults. Yes, pretty sad as I didn't really prepare them, but knew they wanted some candy so I suggested that. Wonderful memories come from Bentley Thanksgivings. I got in a ton of time shopping with my mom, the world's best person to go shopping with as things you are looking for magically appear right in front of you and they're on sale! I got to go running outside, and Adam and I went on my first official bike ride on my new bike! Postpartum exercise is very exciting. We only went 7 miles but it was wonderful. Plus some family time, just us, to the crack and the St. George Temple to see Christmas lights.
The kids spent most of their time over at Mimi and Papa's new house that has a swimming pool. Lily's tiny fingertips all have blisters on them from being prunes that were rubbed on the side of the pool all day long. They also have a little tramp and playset, and Jackson was just in heaven.
We also had the chance to bless Isaac while we were there, which was nice; I didn't have to worry about an open house as the Bird's took care of everything, and Adam was able to have all of his brothers and dad with him. We also got Isaac together with Crew, Ezra and Jet, his other cousins born this fall. So fun!

So all in all, things turned out great. We were so blessed in a situation that could have had a much worse outcome. Happy Thanksgiving!


Also in Logan we went through a cornmaze. The kids were beyond excited for the first 10 minutes. After that, it was suddenly the most awful and cruel thing we could ever do to them to get them to follow us without whining, crying, and asking to be held. I love how Lily, even though we were done with the maze, is hiding from the camera she was so mad! So much passion in such little people.

Friday, November 11, 2011

worth remembering

Watching Daddy pitch for the JD Clark softball team

There are quite a few things that happened after Isaac and during October:

~ Big shout out to Adam for again being an absolutely AMAZING birthing partner! I kept on thinking afterward "I can't believe we did it again!" He's such a huge part of me being able to get through those labors. And I have to admit that I am a nerd and LOVE thinking that he is proud of me.
The dentist! They did awesome and were so adorably nervous.
~ My neighbor Laura who had the kids before Amanda picked them up called me at the hospital. She commented on when she answered the door Amanda was like a ray of sunshine coming into the house. I agree. Trying to describe how grateful I am for her would be a complete waste of time. She made that first week of postpartum a breeze. I cried the night she left and now that I am thinking about it.
Jack's FIRST time off the bus. Mimi was there to greet him too. It is the neatest thing to see him so excited about school (albeit a few weeks of forcing him to go was necessary, not anymore and he always is happy and will say "ride bus" when he gets off. So cute.)

~ Each day that passes makes me think that two kids was definitely my challenge so far. With both Lily and Jack in school 4 days a week (overlapping 3 of those = 2 hrs Mom can do whatever the heck she wants when Isaac is sleeping) I definitely lucked out on the timing. Some effects Isaac had on the kids:
Lily: SO excited. She actually still waves down strangers asking if they want to see her baby brother. When he cries she will rush over to him to calm him down. Always kisses and hugs. It's awesome as I can take showers while she talks to him in the bouncer and keeps him happy. An amazing big sister.
Jackson: From observing Lily, pretty excited as well. Whenever Isaac cried the first few weeks Jack would quickly look up at me and say "cry!" and run over to him to calm him down (not so much anymore). He loves helping with diapers, will get them and wipes for me, help me undo buttons, then exclaim "big poop!", and will throw diapers away. Downside is tantrums are a bit more frequent, I suspect from checking to see if we still will pay attention to just him. Not too difficult to handle.
Jackson was so excited about this wagon at the fruit stand on Highway 89. Yeah for cheap fresh peaches! Definitely a last minute pregnancy craving.
After 4 years, I am finally done working at Alpine. They have been telling me they want me to stop for the past three years, then asked me to come back to train more times than I can count. Perfect timing, and what a perfect place to work while staying home. Never more than 5 hrs a week and most of the time less than that; super nice administration; I went whenever I wanted; and when I have babies I can bring them until they're old enough to be babysat without a bottle. The extra income has been a blessing, not to mention the little break I got each week. Apparently I will return in January for a few weeks when Jennie has her baby, but besides emergencies I'm pretty sure this last week was the last. Bittersweet.
~ I missed the end of summer while in the hospital, and I still feel cheated. The autumn leaves were amazing this year. We were able to take our traditional trip to Logan this year to drive through the canyon, get some Aggie ice cream, show the kids some landmarks of my alma mater, and get some yummy food. Although this photo is at Pineview Reservoir. Check out those colors (and beautiful kids)! Totally doesn't translate through a camera - it really was incredible.
~ I may be biased but dang! Those have to be two of the cutest outfits out there. It was very difficult to keep Lily out of her ladybug costume every day - she thought she was beyond beautiful and would go up to anyone saying "do you see a cute ladybug anywhere?" Adam said the crayon costume was the only one Jackson would even consider. Halloween was the normal nightmare with candy for meals for about 3 days straight, but I got to go house to house with the kids the year (first time), and it was hard to make them go home they were so cute and excited.
~ Another dinner to see my Dad recognized for being a great person. He has represented a bunch of teachers in Washington County, so the UEA put him on their 'honor roll'. I drove down to Salt Lake with the kids, dropped them off at Aunt Carol's so they could be in heaven at her super kid friendly house, and had such a great time with Dad and sleeping Isaac. It's always so fun to spend time one-on-one with Dad, and I'm so glad he invited me to come. ~ Isaac went to bed and this picture makes me want to go and wake him up. This morning he smiled at me for the first time; I was pretty excited. He is a wonderful baby and I am such a lucky mom. Plus! These babies bring such blessings. Adam got promoted at work - pretty huge as the last time they promoted someone to this level was three years ago, AND they didn't even go through the interviewing process. They just picked him. Nice to see his hard work appreciated, he really deserved it.