Monday, July 27, 2009

celebrating utah

Some Pioneer weekend festivities:

Ogden RodeoLily with a teensy shot of the Budweiser Clydesdales - such beautiful horses!Jackson happy to be almost home. Both of the kids were pretty good
considering how late we stayed up.Lily was SO excited when the motor bikes did their jumps. She
talked the entire way home about how high they flew and how they
finished with a "slide."

Free Bagel Friday at Einsteins. We bring our own juice and cream cheese. Lily gets so excited to go out for breakfast. It was nice that Adam didn't have to leave for work like normal. Lily thought that was pretty cool he wasn't going 'bye-bye.'Sparklers! My favorite.

We went to Salt Lake on Saturday for a wedding shower for my cousin Shawn and his fiancee Mady. So beautiful, with such yummy food. We came down a bit early and spent some time at Liberty Park, then took the kids to Monsters vs. Aliens. They both fell asleep.

Adam isn't too happy about having a 5 day work week - it's been a while for him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

jumping the gun

Last week Adam wanted to buy a front facing car seat for Jack. I said we should wait until he is a year old, and Adam replied "He's practically a year old. Do you think they cross some magical threshold on their birthday?" I personally would enjoy having him the age of "zero", like his cousin Claire says, for a bit longer.Because this boy has me wrapped around his little finger.

au naturale

My mom says that she wishes she wouldn't have forced Nathan to get dressed every day when he didn't want to. So I figured I would learn from this and therefore Lily is naked most of every day we're at home. She is totally in her element without clothes. In St. George she took them off at the wedding, and pretty much every where we stopped for more than 30 minutes. She thinks she is pretty tricky - she spills water on herself and then gives the excuse that her clothes got wet.Last night for FHE we went downtown to walk around and look at the Pioneer Day horses, and to play some games at the arcade. Lily and Jack saw the fountains outside of the Salomon Center, and of course wanted some water time. Lily immediately took off her dress, but we pulled the plug when she wanted her diaper off too. She screamed the rest of the way home - I asked Adam if he thought it was normal, or if we deprived her too much, or if it was maybe a bit extreme. He thought it was extreme - he was a bit ticked after the first 15 minutes of her tantrum, while I was just happy to have an adult to talk to so I could completely ignore her. :) I like to think it is normal, you just never see other kids like that because their parents take them out of public. Right???

Monday, July 20, 2009

going, going, and gone

Last week at a neighbor's birthday party, someone joked about losing brain cells from nursing. I turned to Adam and said "It's totally true! Just wait until I'm done with Jackson, I'm going to be quick as a ...[wait for it]... wit!"

Adam enjoyed that one immensely.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

swim swim swim

Lily and Jack's recent favorite activity. We spent quite a lot of time at the Slemboski's pool in St. George last weekend. Jack loved the slide, and once Lily was in Jack's holder, she loved it too. I was hiding inside with the air conditioning. I can't believe how freaking hot it was down there. I felt like I was constantly drinking. One night we had Janet babysit and we went up to Skyline to look at the city and enjoy some ice cream. It was around 10 p.m. - I guessed it was about 90 degrees - Janet's car said 101. The original purpose of our trip was to see Jordan and Brook get married. So nice, except for we brought a play-keychain that Lily pushed right in the middle of the ceremony so there was a nice 'death ray' sound before Brook said yes. Adam insisted on bringing the kids - I was fully against it. :)

We also got to see our now 2nd most recent nephew, Jesse and Mindy's son Lincoln Hunter. He was still in the NICU when we went to visit, but what a cutie. So tiny. We're (hopefully) not going back until September, so I was happy that we got to see him. And we're so glad he's home now. Congratulations to his parents!And Liz had her baby, too! She was at the hospital at 10:05 p.m. and had him at 11:05 p.m., but managed to get an epidural. I really really hope I forget that fact the next time I'm in labor... I haven't seen any pictures, but they named him Chase Sterling. I can't wait to meet him!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

how many times before it's a tradition?

When I was younger, and we went to St. George from Salt Lake for vacations, we always stopped in Fillmore to eat fried chicken and potato wedges. Back when they had one gas station with the bathrooms outside, and us girls would freeze while the men breezed in and out. Adam and I have stopped for fried chicken a time or two, but it's not really our thing. So we have started stopping in Santaquin at the Red Barn on our St. George trips, and it is wonderful! (Adam and Lily sharing some squeaky cheese - Jackson and I were in the car playing and eating ice cream)

All of the yummy taste tests, fresh pressed apple juice, little spoons of *Aggie* ice cream - the kids love it, and we let them stretch out a bit. It is the perfect little rest for them, we fill up the car with gas, and we haven't had to make a second stop since.
So much nicer than screaming!

Monday, July 6, 2009

too much time inbetween

Nathan and Alicia finally made it to Utah! So we were able to meet little Eve. What a beauty! She didn't warm up to me too much (I got to hold her once)....and cried a lot when Jack tousled her hair or yelled at her....and didn't really appreciate Lily taking her toys and yogurt puffs....but it was so neat to see her. And her parents, who brought me gorgeous earrings as a thank you for having them stay here. I can't wait until Thanksgiving; I think Eve, Jack and Henry will play really well together.

Here is Nathan wishing he had had twins:But he'll probably settle for just having 2 more real fast so he can have lots of moments like this.Just kidding. (Especially since they pay ~$15 an hour for babysitters!!!! Thank heavens for 11 year old girls.) I totally didn't think to get a picture of Adam and Eve. Maybe in November!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

storm views

I am really missing June. That rain was wonderful.
I love our front porch view. It is so nice to sit outside on spring and summer nights and enjoy the perfect Utah weather!