Monday, July 25, 2011

Cannon Beach

The almost-annual Cannon Beach trip! So wonderful as always. We missed Nathan, Alicia and Eve this year but had an entire week with Mom and Dad, along with Liz and Amanda and kids (instead of just passing by each other for a day or two like last year).
Adam was AMAZING! He drove the entire way while the kids and I slept most of the time. We started out at 4 am and got to our midpoint in Pendleton, Oregon by noon. Because the hotel pool was closed we went to the city water park - no pictures but it was so fun, even though they wouldn't let me down the slide because of being pregnant. :P The next day we stopped at a fish hatchery outside of Portland, so the kids could run around for a bit. Jackson was quite excited by the big fish and all of the waterfalls, and Lily was super ticked because her legs and feet were getting spots of dirt on them.
Mom and Dad rented a great house that fit us all perfectly. Beautiful views of the ocean, which was only a block away. All of the grandkids were in heaven! Luckily Liz brought a bunch of dump trucks/tractors and it took quite a lot to get Jack away from the sand.
Our requisite trip to Tillamook for some cheese and ice cream! Amanda was at home throwing up, which seems to also be required for family reunions (although thankfully this time it didn't spread).
Adam and I were able to take so many walks, it was wonderful! Before this trip I would lose my breath going up the stairs so it was great to finally have time to get exercise.
The first day was rainy and windy, but soon enough we had quite a few beautiful, warm days! Lily was determined to get her swimsuit on even when it was freezing though.

We celebrated Dad's birthday a week early. He had requested a ton of Louis Lamour books and got most of them. By the time he was done opening them the kids were pretty bored at his presents...
Daytrip to Seaside! Along with a carousel ride, Lily and Adam went on the bumper cars, and Jackson and Adam went on the Tilt-a-whirl. I was so worried he would get sick/scared half way through! He looks so tiny in line.
It was pretty funny though - he wanted to go again afterward, but Adam had gotten so sick he was complaining for the rest of the day. Liz got pretty sick as well, the other adult that went. She asked if Adam had pressured me to do it and I laughed and replied I can hardly be the passenger in a car I get so motion sick.
Lily was NOT HAPPY we made her come home with us instead of Liz, who required Lily to wear a jacket but she wouldn't. Adam calls this her "Sunset Face". Speaking of sunsets! I love the beach skies. Once again Mom and Dad made it possible for us to actually go on a non-St. George vacation; it doesn't happen often and we are so grateful for it.
Jack took this picture of Adam with his new phone. Yes, he finally has a data package. Before he would call me throughout the day to check his email but no more - I hardly hear from him now. He actually asked for a pair of earphones the other day so he could listen to "This American Life" at the grocery store. I told him if he continues with that kind of loser behavior I will take the phone away.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

some summer

On one hand, I am very disappointed that my low-functioning brain cannot remember much about summer except what has been documented with the camera. But on the other hand, I am quite enjoying this summer as things have definitely slowed down from the rush of the school year - even though Lily was only in preschool!
It has been a long time since I have really craved doing nothing on a daily basis - especially with the kids who always seemed to need social interaction or stimulation or something. I am just loving these ages though - they have so much fun together! They can just play and play for most of the day without me having to settle (too many) fights, they clean up their play areas with prompting (and bribes), they are still cuddly and will sit on my diminishing lap to read books any time of the day, and are such big helpers - it's so fun to work with them instead of because of them. Now I just spend most of my cleaning time picking up after Adam.
This picture pretty much sums up Jack's attitude towards his Dad. He thinks he is the greatest thing ever and I love watching them interact and form their relationship.
Much like Lily. Lily still loves to make people laugh and is such a goof. She and Adam often argue who is the funniest person ever.So I'll start the simple labeling. Here we are celebrating Adam almost becoming a CPA. He passed the REG section but failed Audit. Crossing our fingers on August 1st! Adam was very adamant that I NOT attempt to make an ice cream cake but to get one from Baskin Robbins. And I must admit that it was very yummy and nostalgic - Mom got those a lot for Dad's birthday when we were young.
Adam wanted to make sure we had good documentation of his mustache before he shaved it off. Oh my gosh I missed that face! I tried not to seem too elated when it was gone - don't want to give him that much possible ammunition for later! This was at the Mayan in Salt Lake. The kids seemed to REALLY enjoy watching the divers - it is pretty amazing what they do. Adam will say that I will never go there again. Might be true as we paid $8.00 for a mini quesadilla with french fries for the kids. Such a rip off food wise. When we saw the bill we told the kids to sit back down, we were going to wait for another show. We had gone south for Jon and Natalie Zempter's wedding. So fun - weddings are few and far between now. PLUS they had eclairs at their reception. Adam laughed pretty hard at my reaction to that, because I was really, really excited.
Visit from Britt! It was so nice to have her and her cute kids here! She helped me out so much; babysitting for a few RS visits, totally made it possible for me to finish a crafty VT project (I seriously couldn't have done it without help), and cooked most of the meals (all of which Adam approved of! Quite different from the norm around here). It was awesome to see the kids play so well together - like I said, such great ages!
Here is our first big batch of strawberries. Lily had been so excited to pick them, and she and Eleanor were able to harvest quite a few as well after this bowl. Who knows if we will ever have enough to do jam or something like that, they are just too tempting right from the garden.
I tried so hard to keep him awake so he could go to bed after dinner. It's nice he still needs naps occasionally, otherwise he just goes to bed easier. Although the terrible 2's do make an appearance every so often.
Lily finished her year of tumbling. It was so cute to see her perform. Like so many other areas of her life that I am finding myself inadequate in, I'm hoping to be able to help her find an activity she really likes doing. She seemed to be getting tired of tumbling.
Adam really wanted to take the kids to Kennecot to see the Bingham Canyon Mines. I was a bit apprehensive but it was really neat, and the kids thought it was so cool, especially Jackson. This wheel is for the dump trucks.
Jackson's reaction to this showcase was priceless.
Two Sears Towers can fit in there. It was so big!
So I'm sure as soon as I hit Publish Post I will remember many other things I wanted to say. Like, we're having a boy! There's one. And we went to Idaho for July 4th and to celebrate Adam's Grandpa's birthday, and actually stayed up to see the fireworks that Ogden and South Ogden DON'T do on July 4th. (??? We were quite shocked, but I guess they focus on the 24th for Pioneer Day). Luckily aerials are legal and so the kids were able to see quite a few anyways. Well, that should be most everything. Hopefully.