Monday, January 24, 2011

a new start

Adam turned 29 - thanks to the Markland's for forgetting a pack of firework candles! Now that the Slemboski's, Matt's family and Mckay are up north, I finally got to throw a proper birthday for Adam. The lucky boy got a Kindle which I think for the first time in our history together he was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!!!! I am seriously so clueless when it comes to gift giving.
Lily is back in school and surprises me every day with how much she has grown up. Jackson has engulfed us all in the terrible 2's - but he always comes back around with kisses and hugs.

I was released from Cub Scouts and called to Relief Society President. I was very surprised and Adam laughed. It is so neat to see everything that goes along with the calling. The few times I have spoken with the Stake RS President, she has said "This is going to be the busiest time of your life, but also the most cherished."
It seems like I've heard that before.