Monday, July 14, 2014

fun in the sun

Isaac wants me to put a movie on for him (it is 9 am).  I am cleaning up and trying to get him to help me.  He just said, "You driving me crazy!"  Ha!  Right back at you, buddy.

Mom:  Does anyone know where my purse is?
Lily:  Oh....sorry Mom.  It's in my closet.
Mom: Why?  Ada is sleeping and now I can't get my camera!
Lily: It wasn't my fault.
Mom:  Could you please explain whose fault it was?
Lily:  It wasn't my fault!  I wasn't thinking when I did it.

We went to St. George to spend time with Amanda and her kids.  Here we are at the Crack!  Isaac even went through, and I couldn't keep up with Lily, Jack and Henry they were so fast.

 Home free at the top!  This is one of Jackson's favorite places to explore.
 I wasn't a huge fan of the drop off that Isaac was next to....hence his grumpy face at me telling Henry to hold on tight!

 The caves are the most fun!
 Lily and Jackson letting Mom get a few extra minutes of sleep.  Ada loves them so much.
We went to the sand dunes one morning at 9 am....the kids lasted about 10 minutes, it was SO HOT!!!
 Then I went home and left the kids for a long weekend.  I tried to get the boys room painted but it was also the World Cup (i.e. no help from Adam).  Pretty nice break anyhow.  I was pretty mad at myself for leaving Isaac - it was a last minute decision and I missed him like crazy!  He is such a handful but such a cutie.  Nathan, Alicia and Eve got to St. George and Nathan texted that they would maybe steal him because he was so adorable...Adam and I got a good laugh at that!  Adam said he just needed to wait a few hours.
 Pedicures!  The previous week Amanda was saying that we needed to get a babysitter because she wanted to go shopping and then get a pedicure.  Lily quickly interjected "No!  It has been so long since I had a pedicure!  I need one too!"  Ha!
 McKay bought a boat, and Mimi took the kids the first day.  They loved it, and were so excited to tell us about tubing.  Amanda went to Vegas with Tyler for their anniversary and asked us to watch their kids.  Adam and I discussed taking Peter and Henry boating and I said "but Amanda will say no" to which Adam answered "Why do we even need to ask?"  So we didn't, and Mom watched Sam and Ada while we went out for a while.  The boys loved it!  I was so glad, as I was pretty nervous they would freak out from being scared.  They even got on the tube, and Henry twice!  Very impressive.
 Fireworks with cousins at Nate and Audrey's.  That was an awesome show!
 I noticed Jackson climbing down the rocks - who needs stairs?
 S'more's afterwards...
 Jack wanted his picture taken with his yummy treat.
 A few days after getting home (with the usual whining of why-do-we-have-to-go-home-it-hasn't-been-that-long, to which we answer "YOU HAVE BEEN HERE 3 WEEKS.  WE ARE GOING HOME!") Britt and her family came to visit.  Although we gave them a stomach flu for their ride home, it was so fun to see them.  The kids were happy, and the adults even got to go on a kid-free date!  Score!  We went to an Indian restaurant that Adam wouldn't have gone to with me alone, and reminisced about their last visit when Adam was working and we took all 6 kids so Kurt could feel like a polygamist.  Pretty funny.
 Good bye photos.  On top is before I offered Gregory 75 cents.
 And after!  I only knew of a dime I could offer Eleanor, and that only got a teeny tiny smile from her, I wasn't quick enough to catch it.  Gregory had a neat bank he had won at the Nickelcade.  In St. George Nathan got a WiiU that triggered Jackson's brain big time.  So lots of money saving talk, which promoted:
 Lemonade Stand!  Jack was asking every day about doing a lemonade stand to make enough money to buy a WiiU.  Lily offered to sell her bed (she still isn't happy about us selling her birthday present when we moved....).  I resisted as long as I could - was I nervous their hopes would be dashed?  Probably.  But we finally just got it done.  I went out and was their first customer.
 So cute.  Lily was holding the sign.  And the first real customer stopped!  It was pretty exciting.  I was hiding inside hoping it would be soon.  They set it up again the next day (Saturday) and made $8.50.  I was impressed.  But really, we do have a great street for it - a lot of traffic.
 Now if we want them to do something we offer them money (outside of normal chores and good behavior).  Hopefully it will get them reading more and trying new foods.  Jackson is pretty desperate to get a WiiU!
Here is our happy baby girl.  At her 6 month check up (she's 7 months now), she was a bit over 19 lbs.  Adam wanted to know how much Isaac was and he was 24 with clothes on.  She's growing!  But also she can get around anywhere, so should be thinning out soon.  Such a gorgeous girl.  She is still super content if her belly is full.  Although she gets really mad whenever I leave a room.  Which can get old.  She got her shots, so when we got home Isaac pointed to his head and said he had an owie.  There was a bump there (he gets bonks so often that Adam says it's 'perma-bruise') and I put a band-aid on it.  He was cuddling with me a little later and said "I have owie.  I bonk my head.  Doctor said no more jumping on the bed."  Super cute.
I realized we have been in this house under 3 months.  Although the garden areas are an absolute disaster, we have done so much work inside.  I am excited for things to slow down in the home improvement area.