Saturday, April 6, 2013

spring breaks contrasted

 After Amelia's funeral, we ended up leaving Jackson in St. George with Amanda and her boys at Mom and Dad's house.  It was Jack's spring break and we thought he would enjoy the fun times that Amanda would certainly have.  Poor Lily had breakdowns pretty much every day back in Ogden because she missed playing with Jackson and she was so jealous that he was down there having fun while she had to go to school (her spring break was the following week). 
Just like I expected, Amanda kept the boys busy busy busy with lots of super fun stuff - swimming, ice cream, digging, and more digging.  Every night she would tell the boys stories about them digging at the beach and finding lots of treasure.  She said in the car Jack and Henry would have the cutest conversations.  I am so lucky to have a sister that was willing to do that (also of course Mom and Dad)!  Jackson had the time of his life and has mentioned a few things from the week now that he's home. 
 Lily was so happy to see him, and Jackson was so happy to see us as well.  The next little while was a hard transition for him to have his boring old parents around, but all good things come to an end, right? 

 And we bought them umbrellas because......
I don't know.  It was really windy and rainy and Lily was trying to be lifted up with her umbrella, so Jack followed suit.
Instead of St. George, I took the kids to the park where Lily fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm in the wrist area.  So for her Spring Break, she got a purple cast that she is getting used to, and having everyone sign.
This was the capstone to one of those weeks that I (not pregnant) realized why some girls cry when they find out they are pregnant.  I am very excited to move on and forward. We have some home projects to do; RS spring training that comes with General Conference; Jack's soccer starting again; PTO events for Lily's school; things are getting crazy busy.  As I mentioned, we are excited for summer!

Christmas to Easter

It has been so long since I have posted about the fam; I have been keeping a journal in another blog with much more personal thoughts, but decided to finally catch up over here.
Christmas was wonderful; the kids got some pretty impressive gifts that neighbors/relatives helped us hide, so made Santa a bit more real which was super fun. 
 January started bringing snow, and with it the kids being outside so much.  It was great!  Jackson woke up one morning and started shoveling, and went down almost to the end of the street.  Every few times he shoveled he would get money from neighbors, which was lots of fun for him.  Lily got paid once too.  The snow got so high that the kids would kneel down to grab the mail from the mail box. 
 Isaac is growing up!  Not very much size-wise, but he sure is independent.  He loves to grab books and sit in the chair that we read books in.  Lily and Jackson are still so sweet and forgiving of him most of the time.  It's rare that they will whine and complain if he is bothering them; most of the time they look at him doing something silly and will say "aw, Isaac is so cute." 
Here is he being my helper at the store by pushing the cart.  He refused to go in the cart that day. 
We went on short notice to get Valentine's Day stuff for Jackson's class.  I didn't get the note when the party was - good thing I dropped him off and talked to his teacher that day!  The day of Valentine's I made puffy pancakes for the kids and set the table with heart shaped plates, pink cups and some chocolates, a book, and Valentine's notes.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm not the best at doing things like that but am trying to be better and make more habits/traditions so the kids can feel excited about holidays at home and not just at school. 
That night we headed down for me to have a girl's weekend in St. George.  Mom flew in Amanda and Liz, and I had Janet and Adam take my kids for the weekend (Isaac got weaned that weekend...which went a lot better than I expected).  It was so much fun!  We all fit in the car - it was pretty weird to be with so many adults and not have car seats and time to unload, buckle in, whatever.  We ate lots of yummy food too (Greek, Thai), which my family would have never gone for.  If it wasn't for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with weaning, it would have been super awesome; as it was, I am really excited for next year!  :D
 It took forever for the snow to melt but as soon as my kids could reach the branches they started climbing the tree again; Jack started zooming down the sidewalk on his bike, and now that Isaac is walking and independent he wanted to go and explore with his sister too.
On March 13, we got the news that our niece Amelia Marie had drowned in Mimi's pool.  What a week.  I hold the experience very close to my heart.  We were comforted to the depth of our grief, something I wouldn't think possible unless I had witnessed it myself.  She passed away March 17 and the funeral was held March 23.  I am so grateful for the knowledge of Christ's Atonement, and the blessings that come from it.
Adam has produced a bunch of video game monkeys, that's for sure. 
  We also celebrated Easter in St. George.  Amanda organized an egg hunt with our cousins in the Christensen's backyard.  Lots of fun, although Isaac really wasn't into it after he saw his first piece of candy. 

It was a nice end to winter, and we are so excited for spring and summer!  Specifically summer!  I am ready for no schedules.  I'm sure it will go way too fast, just like last year.


Isaac makes a big mess with his oatmeal every morning.  This was Adam's and my conversation, while I was making crepes for the rest of us:

Me:  Can you clean up Isaac's chair?
Adam:  There's nothing I want to do more.
Me:  Well, I guess you can make crepes and I can clean up. {The thought came to me that sometimes Adam makes a bigger mess cleaning up than the original mess...}
Adam:  Okay I can cook.  Turns out there's one thing that I want to do more.

This is what Isaac does if you let him play in the car.  Pretty cute.