Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sakes alive....

Jackson is 5!  At least that's what was going through my head throughout the week.  I am trying to tone down on the go-crazy-birthday-parties, so we had a few friends over and went to a bounce house place and I made about 8 cupcakes and blew up some balloons.  Very low key.
It was pretty awesome, and Jackson was so excited!  It was so nice to have all of the kids running around that place - every once in a while one would run by with red cheeks and some even had sweat dripping down their face.  Awesome!  I was sitting there with Laura, who helped me carpool and chaperone.  My kind of a kid party.
Jack got a Transformer Playdough kit, which was so cool that 1) even now, 2 weeks later, the colors are STILL SEPARATED and not an ugly brown, and 2) Jack and Isaac didn't watch TV or play Wii for about 2 days.  Miracles!
 Lily insisted on decorating Jack's cake.  She was very happy with the final product.  :)
This boy is such a sweet kid.  So independent, so kind, so willing to just play and have fun, such a hard worker/helper.  He is a beautiful blessing in our family!
Isaac was pretty excited about the cake and candles, and kept on poking it.  Then kept on trying to blow out the candles, so Adam finally just covered his mouth.
Our present for him was a new bike (Cars theme with tool box on the front) and 'big boy' helmet.  We set it out the night before, so when he saw it in the morning he said "You got this for me?"  He was absolutely thrilled, and gave me and Adam HUGE hugs.  Right after breakfast we went for a ride (me walking Isaac) around the neighborhood; later that morning Adam took him on the river trail for another ride; then after lunch and Isaac's nap we all went up to Beus Pond where he got in some more riding.  Now he is always asking to go on walks.  Awesome as I am in desperate need of exercise, although I'm not seeing any improvement yet with being able to catch my breath after going up the stairs or other small tasks.  
Along with turning 5, he started his 3rd year of preschool!  We just didn't feel comfortable starting him in Kindergarten when he would be the youngest and (most likely) the smallest.  He is so excited to be at Preschool Express where Lily went, and where we absolutely LOVE having our kids go.  He goes in the afternoon right after lunch, and gets out of school the same time Lily does, so when Isaac takes naps it is great!  Very happy with the schedule right now.