Sunday, March 22, 2009

who knew?

Adam and I were talking today, and at one point I asked him how he came to a certain conclusion - "Is it intuition? A feeling?" He replied, "Yes. It's my eighth sense."

sometimes it feels like i have 3 kids

Today in RS we talked about the importance of Sacrament meeting; women were giving some really nice ideas for keeping your kids reverent and feeling the Spirit, etc. So right before the water was blessed, when I leaned over to tell Lily to fold her arms, I was pretty excited to see she was already doing it. Before I could be too proud of my reverent family, though, Adam leaned over and whispered "Do you think that (a certain neighbor) could do the bald thing?"

Friday, March 20, 2009

avoiding bedtime and having to wake up

Lily would read all night with us if it meant not going to bed. She was sleeping in her big bed for a while until Adam said no more - she would fall asleep on our floor once we were done reading at 10 pm or so. Jackson loves his sister. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys don't nap because they're constantly trying to wake each other up to play. (Although Adam is the one who put Jack there to wake up Lily.)

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have been tagged a few different places for some random facts.

1. I skipped 2nd grade.
2. I LOVE to dance, play soccer, and swim, but I'm not too hot in any of those areas.
3. I was Mathematics Sterling Scholar in high school, got my bachelor's degree in English Literature, and am currently working in the science arena making dietary recommendations. I like to think this makes me well rounded, but in reality it just accentuates my inability to focus.
4. I am incredibly gullible - really. I will believe almost anything until I repeat the story and realize how stupid it sounds. This goes for anything but politics. Then I don't believe anything.
5. I have taken classes at 5 different colleges.
6. Besides the hormone imbalance and inability to exercise, I love the last month or two of pregnancy.
7. I streaked my hair purple (Wild Flower) when I was going to school in New Hampshire. Hey, at least I didn't shave my head like Liz did in Massachusetts. We Dabneys seem to have hair issues.
8. My mother-in-law was my Young Women's leader - I only attended Sacrament during that time, and she centered an activity around bringing me back into the fold. Although I'm pretty sure they like me now, I will never believe they weren't worried when Adam wanted to marry me.
9. I worked as a secretary to the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge in Salt Lake. After a year in Juvenile Court, not much surprises me about human behavior. (For the defendants or government workers.)
10. I don't worry much about my appearance - I don't wear makeup most days and put my hair in a bun 6 out of 7 days a week. I think this stems from Adam still kissing me when I was pregnant with braces. I am so lucky.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I just got back from 7 days in sunny St. George. Perfect time to leave the north. It was a crazy busy trip, but I got in some visits with my cousin Amy, some fun conversations with my sister-in-law Peggy about our husband-brothers and met my newest nephew Charlie, visited Vickie and her 3 day old son Liam, and visited Trav and Harmony and their week old daughter Alida. So many babies! Also I got to go swimming and tried out my first spinning class with Dad, which was pretty awesome. Plus my cousin Alex miraculously retrieved our data off of our crashed hard drive so I picked that up - hooray! Other than that, Lily and Jack spent 4-6 hours a day with their Mimi while I drove between Kayenta, Dixie Downs, Lowe's, Home Depot and Jones Paint and Glass about 23 times racking up about 300 miles on Janet's Audi. I was double homesick for this trip. It is hard to see our first home in someone else's hands without lots of possesive feelings.

It is super nice to be home. Even nicer to sleep with Adam instead of Lily, who invariably ended up on my pillow with at least part of her body slumped over my head a few times a night. She was very confused last night when we wouldn't let her in our bed. Adam had the house cleaned and dinner made last night - so wonderful!