Wednesday, May 14, 2014

although she isn't pictured...

We blessed Ada the week before we moved.  I was pretty determined to do it in this ward - although quite a few people asked why I didn't wait until we moved since we had to cram in about 25 people at Raymond for the dinner afterwards.   And with all of the packing, I packed quite a bit of our 'party' stuff (serving platters, etc), which would have been nice to have access to. There was plenty of people from the ward that asked when we were going to bless her - I always answered "Don't know.  I have enough to do on Sunday without adding something else!"  So once we were almost gone and Betty had taken over a bunch of the work, I figured it was time!
My presidency after we were released.  Marjorie Moffett, Betty Johansen, and Michelle Harward.  Feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with these women for the past 6 months.  It was one of the hardest things to let go when we decided to move.  These women put the "relief" back in Relief Society.  That was a rough go before they came along!
Whenever Isaac is bored he will grab my camera.  I have a lot of random shots from him.  Luckily he captured his cute feet in this one.
 This is my view when doing dishes.  I love it.  Janet said our place is like being in a treehouse.  I agree!  It is so fun.
 Zoom in to see Adam and Isaac on the trampoline.  It is a big yard.  The previous owner let us keep the trampoline for $20.  Yippee!
 Lily and Jackson have been taking gymnastics since January.  Pretty fun to watch them get so excited about the "Olympics" they do before summer.
 Jackson kept his medal with him the next few days, and took it to school for show-and-tell.  I am interested to see how things go once he turns 6 and is in the big boy class instead of the Littles.
 Lily is 6th from the left.  She did a routine on the bars, the beam, and a floor routine.  We like this place.
She wears her leotard for fun.  I think it will be pretty worn out after summer....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

saying goodbye to raymond

7 years and 2 months.  We moved in when Lily was 3 months old.  I brought home 3 babies from the hospital.
 We made so many wonderful friends.  Had so many growing experiences.
It is so strange being there, in such a familiar place but missing the feeling of it not being where we live.  Seeing Isaac struggle to open that crappy screen door, the same way Lily and Jackson had to learn when they were small.  Coming up the stairs into that open space with the front room and kitchen.  It was such a neat house!
 And the backyard was so fun.  Nice and enclosed with all of the trees, and I still think it is so funny Adam wanted to get rid of the playset - the kids spent so much time playing there and miss those swings.
 Our front door which I loved but hated that anyone could basically see our entire house from the porch.  Going throughout the home when it's empty is crazy.  I feel bombarded with so many memories.
Isaac didn't get big enough to learn to climb those trees.  This was my view the 20 times a day I would peek out and check on the kids playing in the front yard.  They loved that place.

And here we are with our spring flowers coming out.  I am going to miss a lot of things about that house.  But not the weeding on those little slopes.

madness in march

 We decided to move.  We found a house we liked with a yard we liked in an area we liked.  It's been about 6 weeks and I honestly don't know how some people do it as often as you hear.  Not fun!
Luckily Amanda spent her spring break here to help me get started with packing!  No doubt she saved my sanity.
Finally got good use out of this floor gym.  She loves it!  Lego gun courtesy of Jackson.  He was pretty excited when she would hold and try to eat it.
 Last day/night in the bassinet.  All 4 of my babies slept in here next to us.  I listed it on KSL, and had someone ask about it.  I ended up not being able to give it up!  Thankfully we have enough room to store it in this house.  And hopefully it isn't the start of keeping too much stuff....
 Ada and Sam with Amanda.  Did I mention how lucky I am that she came and helped me.  She makes everything fun.
 And she makes everything yummy!
 Luckily we moved before this 2 year old started being terrible....
 Lily taking a selfie.
 Chubby thighs!  So far she has passed the other 3 in packing on the pounds.
Jackson taking a break from the Wii.  Because that is all he was doing while I was packing.