Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I had so many different ideas of what to name this post.
-really crappy timing (i mean, what are the odds?)
-karma (for sneaking out on monday night to go and get my birthday ice cream cone alone? never leave your family on fhe)
-good thing the kids weren't in the car
-mom said it was divine intervention and i would have gotten killed at the next light otherwise
-i REALLY value my alone time (i still got ice cream regardless)
-that scene in 'benjamin button' is still stupid
-seriously? (i think that's my favorite)

But really - how would you label this event: I was driving down Quincy, and bam! the passenger rear window shattered. From a guy trimming his yard.

So here is proof of my procrastination of telling Adam. I called but he didn't answer. Secretly I was glad b/c otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep on going to Baskin Robbins. It was quite the internal debate.

Friday, August 13, 2010

the last of the lazy days of summer

At least for Lily! She starts preschool on Monday and it is so darn exciting.
She finished swim lessons a few weeks ago - did fantastic! I can't wait for her to be more comfortable in the water.
My work gave free tickets to Lagoon for me and Adam, so we just had to pay for the kids. $60. I'm never going with kids younger than 8 again. Lily had a blast but Jack missed his nap and so he was a bit apprehensive. Adam and I alternated going on Colossus once, and I went on the Rollercoaster right before we left. So fun! I wish we could have done more.
Lily's new hobby is taking blankets, pillows, toys and food up the slide to her 'house'. So cute. Adam and I were inside and went to check on them and saw this.
I love that Dad's birthday lands on July 29th during his Salt Lake trips at the end of the month. Lily is having issues with birthdays - mainly that her's isn't right now. I hope that cake and ice cream for mine next week and Jack's the week after will make up for it.
Delena chopped Jack's hair yesterday. Adam's reaction: "What did you DO???" I swear he is living vicariously through him.
My 3 'pride and joy's. My garden was pretty successful this year. I feel like crying happy tears every time I go out there to see my basil going crazy (I have made pesto TWICE this summer!), parsley always ready to snip, tomatoes ripening faster than I can eat them plain (last year they never made it to the kitchen), zucchini! beans! onions! It is very exciting to me, and I'm very happy Adam and Mckay didn't demolish my boxes along with the deck.
As for me, I have found plenty of house projects to keep me busy and am excited to spend more time in the yard as the weather cools down.

And Adam? He is lucky we are still married with how much he plays Starcraft II. Can someone please tell me that there is an end? I can't discuss the subject with Adam without swearing at him.

On a (slightly) more positive note, he gave me a 'compliment' the other day. A co-worker's wife was in labor for 24 hours and had 3 epidurals; Adam followed that with "I could not handle that. You know? That would be awful. I just don't think I could ever do that." I didn't have a reply (not having been in the tough husband position during childbirth) and he said he was giving me a compliment.

Yeah. I missed it too.