Monday, November 1, 2010

witches say boo!

Every time Jackson sees a witch now he says "boo!" This Halloween was tons of fun with two kids that knew what was going on. And boy did they have the opportunities! Last week was so crazy, this was our schedule:
Monday: Lily's Preschool Halloween Carnival
Tuesday: Only 'free' day. Lily was a bit sad she couldn't be a dog that day.
Wednesday: Ward Halloween Trunk Or Treat. From here on out my kids had candy with/for each meal and in between.
Thursday: My work Halloween party - I brought the kids and they ran around everywhere showing off their costumes. That afternoon was Lily's Joy School party, where the kids did a Halloween Parade, then sang songs (last night for FHE Lily chose the closing song for her to sing "I'm a mean old witch with a hat." She sings in a crackly voice and it is so cute.), and handed out cookies. So cute!Also Thursday night was our Haunted House for pack meeting. Wow! It was awesome. All of the other leaders except for me put in so much work - seriously. I had my boys make cookies a few weeks ago that we froze, and that's it. I called Adam to stop studying and come go through it with me - he is always wanting to do scary things with me for some reason, and this totally counted for me but apparently not for him. Which kind of makes sense as there were 4 year old kids going through.Friday: Adam's work party. Another Parade of all of the kids there. I was impressed as Jackson left to follow everyone once Lily held his hand. Once they circled around, I couldn't stop laughing. They both looked stunned and stopped in their tracks once they saw us. Friday night wasn't a Halloween activity but still worth mention: Dad was awarded a Gold Lifetime Membership award to the NAACP and we and the Nay's went to the dinner down in Salt Lake. So neat - it's always a good reminder to me of what an amazing life my parents have led and continue to lead.
Saturday: After some shopping with Mom, off to Orem for Peter's blessing, then to Alpine to visit the Slemboski's before heading home for trick or treating! I couldn't get a picture with both kids smiling. But here is Jackson with his cap and Lily with her ears (that broke later).