Friday, October 30, 2015

oreos and gummy bears

Isaac turned 4!  I love birthdays of toddlers, they are a reminder for a few minutes that the little person that drives you crazy most of every day really isn't old enough to be doing it purposefully.  This boy has so many personality quirks I don't come close to understanding them, which is a shame because I love honoring quirks to a certain degree.  He requested cupcakes with oreos and gummy bears, so fun and easy to decorate and he loved them!  Haha!  I can't believe I spent $100 on Lily's 4 year old cake!
Because he has a big brother and sister, he of course is always talking about how big he is.  Thankfully this year he FINALLY started playing with kids his age instead of Jackson's friends.  Really nice, and soooooo cute to watch him get along with others!  He started out only wanting to play with Zach and Chase, but luckily we have been able to branch out and he had some cousins and other friends to invite to the party.  He wanted to swim and luckily it was scheduled after the downpour that day.  He also requested that his family party be at grandma's house.  He has been asking when we are going to sleep there again, I think he really misses living there (lots of things I miss too).

He requested a buzz cut and was so dead still with a dead serious look on his face during it.  No more candy distractions needed for him.  I was thinking the other day how little things start fading from their childhood, me barely noticing.  I thought he would be in his toddler bed for a few more months before moving downstairs to be with Jackson, but he up and went a few weeks after we moved.  He still comes to cuddle in the morning sometimes but that made him seem so much older to not be in the room next to us.
He is a good big brother!  Ada loves to play with him and they have less disagreements than most of the other kid combinations.  He loves to live next to Aunt Liz and goes over there numerous times a day for snacks and treats.
His preschool had a field trip to the fire station, and he got to turn the hose on and off.  Same thing as the haircut: dead serious face, no emotion, only afterwards he will talk about things as being exciting.
Last time we went to the Crack he wouldn't even consider it and this time he just walked right up with Pete and Henry.  He is such a little peanut.  I wish I could look past our daily struggles and remember more often how soon he will be grown.  We try to get out to go biking/walking to the splash pad, and he is such a wonder of a companion.  He just talks and talks while peddling next to me.  Those are some of my favorite moments with this boy of mine, one of my two babies that I still call babies even though those days are almost gone for this one.