Sunday, February 28, 2010

yes, my number was 1

All of us women who have married into the Bird family did the Tuacahn Duathlon on Saturday. 5K run, 24m bike, 5K run. I had such an enjoyable time: amazingly beautiful scenery, perfect weather, my body felt great, and I finished the race. In two hours and thirty-six minutes. I was shooting for under three hours so I was very happy. Courtesy of Ashley and Kurt, here are some shots:I don't think I could ever get enough of that Snow Canyon rock. You forget you are exercising it is so gorgeous!
Mindy looking awesome.Peggy waiting for us to finish - she came in at 2:09! Very inspiring.
Jana happy on her bike! We had a little scare when she almost collapsed after finishing - not enough calories. Made me feel a bit less embarrassed that during my huge breakfast Adam asked me if I was maybe eating too much? Audrey has a 3 month old and is 2 months pregnant. I kept on waiting to get a call from her saying she wasn't going to do the race. Pretty darn tough!Finished! At least Mindy and Peggy were at this point. I was about 13 minutes behind. All of us but Peggy, who was getting ready to leave us in the dust. Thanks to all of them again for going along with my idea. I am so grateful that I have such wonderful in-laws.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sweet week

I spent last week down in St. George to get out of this icky inversion. And Adam's busy season (he's not around much from February to May). It was wonderful! The kids got to see lots of their grandparents (especially Mimi), and I got a ton of stuff done. Highlights included going to the temple with Mom ("that doesn't look lone and dreary - that's beautiful!"); having a nice long visit with Amy, one of the bravest women I know; <$100 expense for townhome repairs; late night movie with Nancy with Mom calling at midnight telling me she's going to bed; attending Dad's social security hearings; hanging out with Becca, ReAnn and KelliAnn while our kids couldn't have cared less if we were around; Ashley's bridal shower (cake pops!); Krave for a girl's night out ("who wants a skinny, enhanced grandma?"); and to top it all off! I biked to the top of Snow Canyon in ~30 minutes with Mindy, Peggy and Audrey. So awesome I didn't die! Thank you to Sarah, I was using your bike. I hope that's okay.
We were all super excited to get home. Adam seemed resigned to the fact we were back - he spent part of the night reminiscing about all of the things he did while I was gone that I wouldn't have approved of...which is fine with me since he's working so hard all of the other time.