Sunday, July 5, 2015

small catch up

Today in church I realized that we have been here just over one month.  I think generally I view most stressful events in my life as "shouldn't be too bad" which more often than not kicks them into the "emotionally damaging" arena.  Which I don't realize until about a month after the fact, when I look back and see that it really was a difficult thing for me, and maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on myself for having lots of depressing thoughts?  Also maybe not a good time to finish weaning my *last* baby and going off the mini pill and onto new BCPs, which I haven't been on for 9 years?  Maybe.  But some fun things happened regardless of my struggles, and luckily I have the pictures to prove it.

 Ada thought this was pretty cool.  I can't believe she started walking and was weaned and Isaac was potty trained, all in the six months we were there.  So lucky to have my mom's support during such busy baby/toddler times.  And boy was Ada busy....

 Lily and Jack didn't get sick of sharing this bed until about 3 weeks before we moved.  Then they alternated turns on the couch.  I thought it was pretty funny - they could last 5 months and 1 week but that was IT!  Even with the end in sight.
 Here is cute Isaac.  He has had very strict tuck in rules for a few months.  He has to be laying straight down with his clothes not messed up, his water bottle and for a time the cookie monster Lily got him for Christmas in sight, he lifts his arms up and I carefully lay the blanket straight on top of him, and then another.  He is particular about his blankets.  If he was a rascal and got up once or twice he would still whine about needing to be tucked in.  Ha!  You couldn't mess up his blankets while giving him kisses and hugs either, so those were basically done push-up style, even when he requested lots of kisses and would then cover his mouth with both hands and I had to give the password (all six family member names) twice (one for each hand).
 Lily showing some flowers a neighborhood boy from the bus gave her.  He was the son of a woman I visit taught.  That was such a nice place to be with nice people all around.
 I taught Jackson's primary class and after a few minutes of Jack like this with his shirt answering a question, I couldn't help it and took a picture.  Actually a video which I showed him later and we had a good laugh.  I once walked by his room and he was stuck in the garbage can.  He can be pretty silly and a little rascal sometimes.
 Bees!  With help from Uncle Steve, Adam got some hives and was SO EXCITED when his bees came.  They are doing well so far and we are hoping to get honey in a few months.
 We sold Edgewood!  I still can't believe it isn't ours anymore.  What a yard, but so grateful we don't have to take care of it anymore!!!  We went up for a weekend to do a few things the buyers were requesting.  It was really hard to see that beautiful place.  We got to visit a few people from the 3rd ward and go to Warrens for their yummy food, the Dinosaur Park, and a stop by Winco for me to go crazy buying cheap food.  Miss those prices!
We all slept on the floor.  If I had brought the air mattress we might have stayed one more night, but dang that was uncomfortable.  It was really hard to say good bye to Ogden again.
Isaac found Lily's old boots and wore them everywhere.  So cute.
Except to church.  Adam was upset enough that Isaac wasn't wearing shoes along with his absolute abhorrence for church clothes.  We forgot shoes for Ada, so when Lily got out of the car with one blue flip flop and one dirty falling apart shoe, Adam turned around to go was pretty funny.  We still went, as do people really notice what other people are wearing?  I sure never do.
Isaac went through a withdrawal from Grandma's house and constant movie choices.  The first few mornings we would beg to go to Grandma's house before breakfast.  He loves a show and popcorn!
After Isaac started using the potty he reminded me he could now go to gymnastics, which I was using as a motivation.  He didn't stop reminded me for a few weeks, and Mom kept on saying "just get him in a class!"  So we found one that we just loved!  I went the first few weeks with him to help him along but he goes by himself now.  I am curious to see if he still loves it in a year or so.  He says "gymnastic-ses".  So cute. I can't believe he is starting preschool in the fall!