Monday, December 26, 2011

at home for christmas

...for the first time in our marriage! The first time in 7 1/2 years! It was very exciting for us. I was worried Adam would want to go to St. George at the last minute but he started planning a great day for the kids and agreed that traveling for Christmas wouldn't happen this year!
Lily and Jackson were so darn excited to see Santa at the ward Christmas party. Lily asked for makeup and Jackson asked for gum. Santa delivered.
(with Jensyn and Hurley Parker)
This year we got the kids involved in giving presents to each other. It was so darn cute. After they wrapped the gifts and put them under the tree they were so excited! Jackson got home from school and I pointed out his gift from Lily, and he immediately looked at Lily and said "gun?" Which lucky for him Lily got him a ton of bullets so close enough. I was absolutely amazed that they lasted until Christmas morning without getting peeked at. Early one morning I heard some rustling and Adam ran out to see Lily "just holding" her present from Jack (which was a fairy doll). They were so excited for Santa, and we sang Christmas songs every night before bed.
This year Adam got a second wife (isn't that what people call their husbands' obsessions?). An x-box. Seeing as how he has wanted one forever and is always disappointed, I thought with him finishing the requirements for his CPA, the fact he's turning 30!, his promotion, and don't tell him but he spoiled me like crazy this year, I figured why not? A few days after Christmas we were walking in Costco and I saw a pea coat. "Oh right. That's what I wanted this year." To which he replied, "Oh yeah? Well I wanted...." Haha!! That moment right there was worth the $400.
Santa came with lots of balloons (and an allergic reaction that basically made me rethink my entire existence), a beautiful set out breakfast table (crepes, egg sandwiches, orange julius), and lots of treats and toys. We spent the week after Christmas in St. George. So nice! Bike rides, time with both families, dinner out with no kids and no babysitting fees ("Oppa!" for flaming cheese), our first movie since Isaac (MI4), and a day trip to Zions with Mom and Dad. Lily was not impressed and wasn't feeling too well during the "LONG" (1/4 mile) hike, and declared that she wanted to come back there "zero times!!!!" Coming home was a bit more difficult than usual.

Monday, December 12, 2011

fairy garden

Lily turned 5! We planned a fairy garden birthday party. Lily seemed super excited and I found some good stuff online to make it pretty cool (in my opinion). Wings and wands for all the little girls, fairy cupcakes with fairy dusted pink and purple frosting; and fairy games - 'flower flower who's got the flower' and 'duck duck goose' (Lily is informing me that it was 'duck duck goose'. I was thinking it was 'fairy fairy princess' or something).
Here is the gorgeous girl. She is such a big helper; so nice to her brothers; loves to make people laugh; likes to play games; and she says she likes to have cupcakes and have a lot of fun. She has always been such a joy to have as a daughter. With two boys now I am reminded a lot of how lucky I am to have this sweet girl to keep me company.She says she likes to play with her brothers, and she loves her brothers. She really is an amazing big sister! Sometimes she is reluctant to share and not tease Jackson, but she usually is so willing to play nice. Isaac loves her so much and she can get him to laugh and smile so big! Sometimes it is easier to have her at home than at preschool. We are so lucky to have her in our family.
We love our little Lily!