Thursday, August 22, 2013

summer's end

 Towards the end of the summer there was a lot of this going on.
 And not so much of the outside play since it was so hot.
But this was a little picnic the kids put together outside with cheese tortilla roll ups, mini oranges, and lemonade.  If it involves pillows and blankets, the kids are all in.  Unfortunately Adam and I don't feel the same way if it means moving the pillows and blankets outside where Isaac has hose access....
After Lily requested her own room, then after months of fighting said she was alone and wanted company, then weeks of her sleeping on the couch for who-knows-why, then days of arguing because we got new couches and wouldn't let her sleep there, she finally started sleeping in her bed for the most part.
This girl loves to cuddle.  Most of the time Jackson says no, so I thought it was pretty cute this night he said yes.  Isaac's crib is stationed there since he had the habit of opening the door and screaming his head off when we put him to bed.  He has passed that stage for now, and I have high hopes to have him in his toddler bed come February when we'll move the baby from the bassinet!
The long and large amounts of TV, Wii, Netflix, and X-Box in our home resulted in a full time school schedule being quite welcome for this first grader's mom!  She requested puffy pancakes for breakfast, and was pretty excited to go.  
Adam wins Dad of the Year Award for being willing to drop her off every morning before work.  We switched her to Maria Montessori Academy in North Ogden.  A bit longer drive, and it's quite hilarious how far on the other side of the spectrum this school is academically pressure wise compared to her school last year, but we are very optimistic and grateful she moved up the lottery ladder into her spot.

a sweet surprise

We took the kids to ultrasound #4.  It seemed like they recognized some of the body parts, but probably most just went over their heads.  Once we went to the other room Lily went right to work with telling the boys she was going to look at their bellies.  
We had the ultrasound tech write in an envelope whether it was a boy or girl.  Honestly with the Dabney girl track record I just assumed it was a boy.  I knew Lily would be so disappointed to be even more outnumbered, so I thought I would make it as fun as possible.  I asked my neighbor who does cakes to decorate one for us with the gender-colored frosting inside.  She made it SO CUTE!  Lily thought the little onesie with "or" on it was the best thing ever.
Right before the cut!
And after!  I was filming, and am not sure how good a job I did because I was pretty stunned by the pink frosting.  Can't believe we're having another girl!  It's been so long.  Lily was super excited, and besides the mental breakdown I had the next day from being terrified of ruining yet ANOTHER little girl's life (because really - that Lily can pull out the drama like nothing else), Adam and I think it will be pretty neat to have two boys and two girls.  Yeah for brothers and sisters!

And as long as we're talking about cakes, a friend got me to sign up for the cake decorating classes at Michaels, and Lily has been LOVING practicing with the frosting and tips.  She was so proud of this board.  The next week was dots and lines, and I was on the phone when she wanted to do it.  Not understanding the coupling, she used her teeth to change the frosting tip.....but then did some perfect techniques without being shown how.  Pretty neat to see her so excited.  

backing up

Isaac has been doing a lot of this throughout the summer.  He has learned a few times that if you spray Dad, he will take the hose and spray you back....he loves water though!  He will spend so much time out there spraying whatever he can.  I wish Lily would have followed suit and watered the raspberries as eagerly.  We've gotten quite a few, but you can still see the signs of dried out leaves and buds in some spots (very sad).  
 On one of the Pioneer Day horses!  We didn't get to go to the rodeo this year - pretty sad they took away that work perk.
 A big chunk of July consisted of St. George!  Liz came through with her kids so I decided to join her down there with mine.  I stayed for a few days before Isaac and I headed back up to Ogden, leaving Lily and Jack to spend time at Mimi and Papa's house and back to Grandma and Grandpa's.  I haven't heard the usual requests of when we'll be returning for a while.  :)  They certainly got their fill.
 The only downside of being there was that Isaac missed Adam so much!  The only reason I could get him to get in his carseat without screaming is to say that we were going home to Ogden to see Daddy.  He can't get enough of that guy.  :)
 This year was Grandpa's big 70th Birthday celebration!  Not that I took any pictures, my camera was dead.  But it was quite the week.  All four kids were there with their families (except Jared taking his Boards), along with Aunt Sis and Paul.  Even Amanda came with little Sam - so fun to hold a newborn!  Made me realize how not ready I am to have one!
It was so fun to celebrate such a great guy.  Liz worked so hard to prepare everything and set out an amazing party.  I can't imagine having that much energy.  She emailed a bunch of Dad's friends and family requesting them to submit memories of Dad, and compiled them in a book.  So fun to read!
The grandkids got a bounce house for the day, Dad got so much chocolate it was crazy, overall it was awesome!
A few days after everyone left except us and Liz, we took a little day trip to Zions to do the Narrows - or I should say the Riverside Walk.  It is an easy mile walk and then I figured the kids would like to play in the water.  It was awesome except a bit before we arrived Lily started screaming her head off, saying she wanted someone to carry her back to the bathrooms.  She spent the next 30 minutes pouting on a rock.  I would have had a bit more compassion if we hadn't gone to the bathroom when we got to Zions, and then when we got off the shuttle at the trail head.
We bought the kids little camelbacks which were super exciting at first, but Lily will not be getting access to hers until she can space her bathroom breaks longer than 20 minutes apart.
Isaac was soo happy - how could he not be when surrounded by dirt and water and rocks.
Jack was a little trooper.  He, Lily and Isaac had so much fun being surrounded by cousins for the week.
Adam realized that when he splashed Isaac, Isaac would just laugh and splash him back.
Liz had so many other things to do and so much rest she needed, but I'm so glad we got to go together.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

2011, 2012 and 2013 random phone pics

 On the way to Cannon Beach.
 Cannon Beach.  Classic Jackson.
 Digging cousins!
 Lily loves wrapping presents.  I don't, so it's a perfect match!
 Jackson loves to shovel!
 Ladybugs!  We bought a canister to help our roses get rid of aphids.
 Jackson loved to wear his crayon Halloween costume to do everything.  Isaac loved dirt.
 Cold day outside at the Cheesecake Factory.  I would like to be there right now.
 Bowling for the first time!  It was the most awesome thing ever to watch!

 Hotel beds are so comfy.
 Burying kids in the sand at Cannon Beach.
 I was in Colorado with Isaac.  The kids had a ton of fun with Dad.
 Including time at the zoo!

 We tried to capture Isaac's glee at jumping on a trampoline.
 Jackson exploring the rocks above the crack in St. George.
 Grandpa telling stories of when I was a little girl.
 On Frontrunner to go see Temple Square Christmas lights!
 Isaac had such a cute little growly face.
 It was SO.  COLD.
 On the way home.  Precious baby.
 Another cold night in downtown Ogden to see the Christmas houses.
 Santa came!
 Isaac and Jet.  Hope all these cute boys will be friends when they grow up.
 Sledding on Glassman hill.
 Humongous icicle!!!
 Built a snow cave with Daddy.
 A FHE lesson.
 Waiting for soccer practice to start at the park.
 First Pinewood Derby car!  I was out of town, the kids had so much fun with Adam.
 For our 9th Anniversary we went to Grand America in Salt Lake.  This chocolate piano was brought to our room - so delicious!  And so detailed!
In St. George for Grandpa's 70th Birthday!