Monday, July 28, 2008

Lava Family Reunion

Last week we went to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho for Adam's Dad's side family reunion. It was a great trip. Terrel did an awesome job preparing for the few days we spent there. The first night we were there we went on a wagon ride to a small little camp by the river for a BBQ dinner. Lily wasn't too interested in the food - she stood and danced by the two men who were playing some folk/country music for most of the time.
We stayed at an Inn with the natural hot springs pools. There was a big one that wasn't too hot that I was able to do laps in one morning - so nice! - and otherwise all of the kids were in it for most of the day. Lily absolutely loved it, of course. Check out Adam's sunburn - he is still paying for that one.

Adam also took me on a 'float' down the river. I have to admit that I screamed through most of the dips - there were only a few - but it was so much fun. I was a bit nervous as I can barely lug this belly of mine around on solid ground, but we never tipped with our combined weight and I was really glad I went.

As always, being around the Bird's means that Janet is always willing to watch Lily (along with most of the other grandkids), so it was another great vacation for me. Adam and I enjoyed seeing Lily interact with her cousins - she had so much fun following them around, and they all were so nice to her and played with her so well.

Terrel also included quite a few geneology/family history type experiences as well. He and his siblings told some childhood memories, and he also arranged for a BYU professor to come and talk about the Welsh LDS immigrants, as the Bird's have a family line from Wales. It made the trip very meaningful and it was neat to see Terrel so happy to be with his Dad and siblings.

Monday, July 21, 2008

slides and splashing

On Saturday Adam and I took Lily to the South Ogden Splash Pad. She was a bit wary of the water part but loved hanging out on top of the slide. She is always obsessed with grabbing the camera instead of smiling, so I was very happy to get some smiles:

She is a beautiful girl.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Colorado Springs

Last week Lily and I visited Amanda and Tyler in Colorado. It was an awesome week. They are living at an apartment complex with the neatest pool - so many little outlets for kids to play in. And as always, Amanda had planned a busy week with lots of fun activities. We went to the America the Beautiful Park - this fountain was built to memorialize Julie Penrose, the author of "America the Beautiful." From far back, if you look through the circle you can see the landscape that inspired the words to the song. It was an amazing view - plus Lily of course loved wading in the water and playing at the park nearby. Tyler was nice enough to babysit Lily one night while Amanda and I got pedicures - it's nice to have someone else scrub your feet when you're pregnant! Lily was so spoiled by her Aunt Amanda - she gave her so much attention and played with her and read with her - Lily just loves her and I loved the vacation that came along with it!

And of course Amanda put any of my cooking efforts to shame with the meals that she threw together at all hours of the day. She is so amazing! It was a wonderful trip - we went on walks and had so much time to talk.

This trip was given to us (okay, okay, mainly me) by Mom and Dad, who knew how much I needed some sister-time. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am almost 8 months pregnant with my second child. The past 20 months I've been privileged enough to spend with Lily have felt like I had a friend to keep me company. So although we have been a 'family' and not just a 'couple', with this new baby boy on the way it feels different. I get more excited every day, and my nervousness of having 2 kids seems to be ebbing away. Thus begins the chronicle of us. (This pic is from my first pregnancy - too many stretch marks now!)

*Photo courtesy of Amy Bell Photography


Lily hated baths up until about 2 months ago. Her pediatrician mentioned that they stress girls showering because of infections, so I thought why not see how she likes it - she did. After she got all washed and clean, I asked if she wanted to get out and she kept saying "No!" I think the loofah made her feel more secure.