Monday, November 7, 2016

it's great to be 8!

Jackson was baptized on September 24.  It was a nice day.  One of my jobs for Primary is to attend all of the baptisms, so I am very familiar with how they go and was just able to enjoy it.  Our stake makes it so most kids can have their own program even though they have about 14 kids every month.
So he got to choose the songs (Wise Man and Foolish Man, When I am Baptized), who said the prayers (Grandpa and Liz taking over for Grandma), and the talks (Mimi and Papa).  Simple and sweet.
 (Me gathering my chicks!)
Jackson is a super thoughtful kid, and doesn't take things at face value.  When we read the scriptures he will sometimes surprise me with pretty deep questions.  During the talks he was listening intently and took the day very seriously.  During his confirmation Adam blessed him with an abundance of the Spirit, and I couldn't get that phrase out of my head for a while.  It seemed to fit him just perfectly - he really does try to do what's right (sans teasing time).  
That day, because I wasn't exhausted enough with having 20 people over for lunch (also Jackson's request - grilled cheese sandwiches that Lily and Brooke did an awesome job cooking), Adam decided to go and get some honeycomb from his hives.  Commence honey EVERYWHERE for a few days, and us trying to figure out how to separate the wax from the honey.....Liz said I would think it was funny in the future that Adam told me to YouTube how to do it while he was scraping it into a sieve.  Kind of stressful, especially when a stray bee would come to see what was going on.  On the plus side, Adam took a bunch of his honey smeared clothes or tools and left them in the garage, where LOTS of bees came to partake of, so I'm pretty sure that my kids won't be scared of bees, as they would have to walk through a ton of them buzzing around on the way to the car and they all did it and didn't get stung.