Friday, October 7, 2011

'he laugheth'

Tuesday was a good day. I had lunch and subsequent long play date for the kids with a good friend, a quiet afternoon followed by dinner - one of Adam's favorites; not pasta; and made by me (those average about once a month). The house was clean, dishes done, laundry caught up; Lily was rewarded with $1 for finishing a homework packet and so I took the kids to the ice cream and candy shop so they could pick a treat out.
We then headed to the church where I put in September's Visiting Teaching report, went on a little drive with Adam, then while he and Lily worked on her next homework packet, Jackson and I tidied up the outside of the house to prepare for fall (not so many toys and gardening tools everywhere). Went through the bedtime routine, which I ended with "See you guys in the morning," whereupon I had the thought that maybe I shouldn't have said that.
After we got in bed I noticed some contractions, and thought I should time them. After 30 minutes of being 5-6 minutes apart, I woke up Adam, he gave me a beautiful blessing, we called Betty, then off to the hospital. We were admitted around 11:45 pm, and then after they set up the antibiotics on the IV for strep b, left us alone for Adam to lay on the couch and me the bed until my water broke at 1:45 am. It was very quiet and dark and peaceful; I was so grateful for that.
My midwife was called down, they set up the room, I realized I wasn't getting the 5 minute breaks between contractions like before, and I asked, I believe, "what the effectiveness of drugs through the IV would do to help take the edge off" which was followed quickly by a "too late! you're past a 7 and the baby is almost here." Then after working very hard to relax through the contractions and let them do their thing, pushed through 4 or 5 (no tearing! yeah! and I only swore once this time and it was in German) and our little "Baby Bird" was born at 2:31 am on October 5, 2011. He struggled for a bit but was soon with us to meet. He weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz and 19 1/2 inches. Adam was able to get a few hours of sleep before going home to get the kids and bring them back to meet their new brother. They were so cute and excited. Then they left for a fieldtrip with Lily's school to the fire station, and Adam went off the work while the kids went to Laura's until Amanda came to pick them up. Mom and Dad drove up to see the baby and help out Amanda, who apparently didn't need any help with 3 toddlers and a 15 month old, and so they left the next morning - soon to return, hopefully.
We got home the next night and was welcomed by a yummy dinner and this beautiful cake that Amanda made with the kids. Who does that??? She is amazing.
Today Amanda informed me that my kids were a lot calmer when I wasn't around. This is their first night with Mom being gone all day - doesn't look like they were too upset.I feel so incredibly spoiled to have so much support right now. I am just loving having this little guy around, he is so much fun to hold and wonder at. And, after much deliberation and some help from Lily and Jack, we finally filled out the birth certificate papers. So welcome to the world, Isaac Thomas. We are so happy to have you here.