Thursday, January 12, 2012


Our little cross-dressers. They thought this was the funniest thing ever. As did I.
Like father, like son. This kid is a sucker for electronics as well. Adam was very proud to show me how he would turn his head to keep his eyes on a football game. I do love having a baby in the house again. Although at night you wouldn't hear me saying that. I don't think Isaac got the memo that he is almost 4 months and should be sleeping for 6 hrs at least! This kid is so dang lucky to have Lily and Jackson. They love him so much and he knows it! It's almost easier when they are home because they are like little babysitters and will entertain him for me if I need to do dinner or clean. Or blog.
I tried to make the big 3-0 special for Adam, but as usual the execution of my plans were lacking. First was to surprise him at work with his most-requested amaretto chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. What I failed to take into account is that his office has a funeral-like atmosphere. It didn't help that Adam saw me, then said "well go ahead and cut and serve it" then tucked back in his office to talk to someone on the phone. I asked him later if it was always that boring and he said that as soon as I left they got the trampoline out and had a real party. Second was a plan to surprise him after our date on Saturday night with a group of friends to have cake with. Lots of fun to sit around and talk with the Groves and the Parkers, who we've known since moving here. I had told him I wanted to skip dessert and celebrate with the kids at home, which he agreed to but then ordered something anyway. So the oreo crusted white chocolate mousse torte that I made wasn't as special as it could have been. Third was a birthday dinner with Matt and Jana (McKay and the Hendershots couldn't make it). I highly enjoyed Adam's birthday weekend, and hope he did too. The kids gave Adam a dancing game for the xbox. I had a lunch playdate and was talking upstairs with the other moms when Lily asked to put it on. I said no. Ten minutes later I went downstairs and found this. What a little party organizer! A few minutes after this she started screaming and I found her with a bloody nose because one of the younger boys had accidentally kicked her. I went to take her upstairs and she pushed me away so she could continue dancing. So dedicated! As a side note the demographics have definitely shifted in our neighborhood. All of Lily's girlfriends started kindergarten and so little boys for Jackson are all that are left. Doesn't stop her from putting on a princess dress though.