Sunday, July 7, 2013

to nix frustration

 Every time I come to my blog to see if other people have updated their blogs I get frustrated that mine is so behind, and finally I am taking the time to fix that!  Because this stuff happened such a long time ago!  Spring was really busy, not that I noticed because I was in survival mode surviving morning sickness.  Lily got pretty good at changing diapers and the kids got very used to me just laying/sleeping on the couch all day long.  I had a lot of obligations that I said no to, which was awesome.  Always nice to realize that there are a lot of pointless things that fill our time that don't NEED to fill our time, so we really can accomplish those things that are most important.
 I am not quite sure why I said yes to this hike though.  Adam wanted to take the kids up Waterfall Canyon, saying it was about a mile.  I said "Sure!  Sounds fun!  Let me carry Isaac!" when I was really thinking, "At least we're not sitting around watching TV all Saturday."
 So I think it was really like 3 miles uphill from the parking lot.  It took us 2 1/2 + hrs up, and 1 1/2 hrs down.  The kids were SO EXCITED.  I really didn't think they could make it, as a few days earlier they had complained on a tiny walk I took them on by the river.  All they wanted to do was climb, and that is what they did.  Every few minutes when the adults needed a break, Isaac would throw rocks into the river and Lily and Jackson would start climbing the rocks straight up the hill.  It was pretty fun to see them so into things.
 We thought this was especially cute - Jackson crossing the stream on a log.  He knows to use his arms for balance, just not the right way. 
 Here is Isaac at the top.  He could probably spend about 90% of his time throwing rocks in water.  It was such a nice afternoon, although we got home and I don't know if I moved the rest of the day.
 The kids at the river walk - Isaac knows to say "cheese" and smile.  He sure has grown up so much with Lily and Jackson as examples!
A few weeks into June we went to visit pregnant/just-got-off-bedrest Amanda in Colorado.  We stopped in Cheyenne on the way to break up the trip.  The kids were very happy in the pool with Dad - he's a lot more fun than me, since I usually immediately start trying to get them to do swim lesson exercises....
The next day was Father's Day, which we celebrated at breakfast at the hotel.  The kids got Adam a test drive in a Ferrari at a race track.  He disputes this fact, but I figured he's never going to have one of his own (and the drive was on sale).
Luckily my parents and Liz had visited Amanda during her bedrest, and had gotten a bunch of stuff done for her; I was completely useless and even managed to ruin one of their pots burning oatmeal, and my kids managed to destroy a few things as well.  Not the most helpful guests, although Adam did a great job entertaining the kids for the most part. 
 We had a lot of fun in Denver and the kids were happy happy happy.  Lily idolizes Amanda, who did her hair every day and is always so much fun.  The boys got along quite well and I of course gained so much by observing Amanda's parenting, as always.
This picture took about 5 minutes to take.  Jackson was SO SAD we were leaving, and actually spent about 20 minutes hiding in the basement when I told him we were going back home.  Lily already asks when we're going back!  She got the traveling gene like me.  Unfortunately we didn't get to meet Samuel, who was born a week after we left, but are very glad we didn't put Amanda into labor from stress from our visit.  :) 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

so long ago

Britt came to visit in April.  Unfortunately this was within the first few weeks of the pregnancy, where I was still in denial, not wanting to accept the fact that I will be responsible for another child, when I feel so inadequate/not in control/at the end of my rope/etc etc.
The kids had fun though, and Britt probably saved me from a mental breakdown as I fretted all day long; her presence was a wonderful and much needed distraction.  She also got us out of the house, which was quite an accomplishment back then.
She wanted to take her kids to the Dinosaur Museum, where we hadn't been in 2 years and all I could remember was that it was expensive and the kids played on the playground.  I am glad I listened to her!  The kids loved the inside museum stuff, especially the rocks.  Eleanor really got Lily into rocks during her stay here, not so good news for our vacuum, which hopefully will survive all of the forgotten rocks hidden in our carpet.
One of these visits, Britt, I won't be pregnant and be such a drag, I promise.  Thanks for spending the time with us instead of all in St. George.  :)  I am lucky you have stuck around with me all of these years.
Mindy started the ball rolling for a girl's weekend, which was executed in May.  So amazing!  Sarah, Mindy, Janet, Ashley, Audrey, Janna and I were all able to leave our kids and lives for a few days to spend time shopping and at the beach.  So much shopping - I was kind of bummed I was carrying around the extra 15 lbs, but oh well.  Ashley had an extra maternity swimsuit (Amanda had the one that the three of us Dabney girls rotated through pregnancies...) she let me borrow, so I got to go boogie boarding - it's been a few years!  So much fun.  What an amazing bunch of husbands, we left behind 22 kids, 17 under the age of 6.  Terrel and TCN helped a bunch with gift cards, and Janet prepared beforehand with journals and questions/prompts to get us writing.  One morning we met together to openly discuss the questions, it was an amazing experience.  The Spirit was very strong, and along with other topics, we were able to share a lot of our personal thoughts and experiences regarding Amelia's passing.  A very treasured memory, and definitely not your average beach trip.  I am very blessed to be part of such a great group of women.

Monday, July 1, 2013

a few extra + graduations

Just a few fun pictures I wanted to document.  Kind of sporadic in timing.
 Frog hunting in Mimi and Papa's backyard.  I couldn't believe how loud the croaking was every night.  The kids were so excited - I was very glad the frogs survived all of the little grabbing hands!
 Because of weeks on the couch, where the kids would watch 5-8 hrs of TV a day, we finally made our way outside to explore.  The kids loved finding big sticks to help them across the stream. 

 Jackson's first year of soccer ended.  I was the coach, although a pretty poor one this spring.  He seemed to really like the idea of it, but when it came to playing.....would instead cling to my leg.  Good learning experience that we won't be started organized sports until about 6 or 7 years old!  On this game day and one other I had the privilege to sit on the sideline to observe the playing - Jackson got some kicks in and was SUPER HAPPY.  It was pretty neat, and I decided I would never coach again (although I might change my mind). 

 Isaac didn't seem to be that interested in shows, so I was pretty surprised one day when I turned on PBS and heard him squeal in excitement and go sit on the couch with Lily and Jack.  Curious George.  What is it with him?  My kids are all suckers for that monkey.
 Sometimes we will go up Skyline Drive to have the kids climb around on the rocks.  Gorgeous view of Ogden and the Great Salt Lake.
Lily was very happy for summer to start and school to end.  Those 6:45 a.m. wake up calls were sometimes too much for her to correctly put on her clothes...
At GFA graduation.  If I was in charge I would eliminate Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation so. fast.  Also, yearbooks for elementary school?  Gone.  I am no fun, I know.  But at that age, the end of school is enough - you don't need a full hour+ program for it. 
 The kids were beyond excited to be done, although Jackson a little sad since he won't be returning next year.  We learned a lot of lessons through Lily's first year of school, and hopefully things will improve from here (particularly Adam and I have the most need of improvement - our hand's off parenting doesn't work quite so well.....).