Thursday, June 2, 2011

two graduations down, how many to go?

Lily was in preschool and Joy school this year, and so she had two graduations. Pretty crazy. I was surprised at how much seeing her in this grown-up roll effected me. She is getting to be such a big girl, and I keep on hearing the horror stories of teenagers and how great the toddler years are in comparison.
Here is the Joy school group (with some younger siblings) at the Dinosaur Park.
For graduation the families made flags to show and explain. Jackson always came up to the front with me and Lily. Poor Lily, we were the only ones that didn't do a cloth flag. I fear this is a sign of things to come, as in me not being crafty enough for future school projects she needs help with.
I handed out the diplomas and report cards (my only responsibility). They were so cute! All of the other moms did so much to prepare for the ceremony.
Here we all are. Delena and Joseph are moving in a month and so this picture makes me pretty sad. I am in denial most of the time.
The kids sang a bunch of songs. I can't get over how beautiful Lily looks in this picture.
Bravo's graduation was super cute as well. They sang songs and did a little play.
Lily also played a little piano solo - that is her teacher Ms. Hill. I had asked Lily in the past if she was playing the piano at school, and she never said yes. After the graduation I asked why she hadn't told me she was working on the piano, and she said that it was a surprise.
Showing Dad her book and diploma. She wasn't too sad to not be going to preschool anymore. A little down about no more Joy school though. She had a ton of fun at both graduations so that probably helped. We are so excited for summer and the lazy days ahead. Probably me more than the kids. :)