Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I missed posting in February. Here are the highlights:

*Lily bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting. Totally caught me off guard! She told us she wanted to, and I immediately asked what she was going to say; she said a few things that were on the right track, so I said okay (since she wanted to do it by herself - no way I was going up there with her). So she marched up there, and said right into the microphone "I know this church is true. I know Heavenly Father is true. I know Jesus is true." Then came back and sat down. I was floored! For one thing, talk about bravery! Just a few months ago in November she wouldn't even rehearse her one liner she was supposed to do, much less repeat what her teachers told her when it was time. So I was super impressed.
*We went to the Winter Festival downtown. I'm glad we made it this year, the kids loved watching the snowmobiles zoom down the street. We also saw a live band that the kids danced a bit too.
*We spent two one-week periods in St. George. Got sick both times. I'm never going in February again! Got to see Amanda whose two boys were a lot sicker than we were. Also Liz and family - so sad that we weren't feeling better. Someday we will get better at these family reunions.
*My parents bought a replica of some dinosaur bones for the Dinosaur Museum in St. George. The Dabney Dinosaur! It is the first set of bones that they have there, so the museum was pretty excited. I got to go to the luncheon where the Professor in charge of the museum explained the history and details of this particular dinosaur and it was fascinating. Dad said it isn't every day you can buy a dinosaur!
*Lily currently LOVES drawing, and she is getting so good! I love to hear her explanations and stories of what she draws and colors. I'm trying to be better about having her pick up after herself so hopefully she can get some good habits of tidiness - not really possible if she hangs around Adam too much.....
*Jackson's current obsession is hitting you and then kissing it better. He thinks it is pretty funny. Tomorrow Adam and I are meeting with the school district to look over what options we have with his speech therapy and possible preschool with early intervention. He has been such a trooper through all of our bugging him to say more words.
*I got home from being gone most of Saturday to see Adam with a shaved face - except for a mustache. I asked him about it and he said he forgot to do that part. He kept it for a few days until we had this conversation:
A - You get upset at everything I do.
S - I do not. I'm not upset at your mustache.
A - (kind of concerned) You're not?
S - No. I think it's hilarious.

The next day it was gone.