Friday, March 12, 2010

is that wrong?

For FHE the kids and I left Adam at home to study while we went to the mall. Lily carried my purchase for me, and then we spent some time going up and down the "moving stairs" in Dillard's. It took a few times for Jack to be confident enough to step on them himself, but he kept asking for more anyways.

So far this year, I have documented that the only time something blog-worthy occurs, we are in St. George. Three out of four posts, anyway. Hopefully I can get around to changing that.

In other news! I was released from my calling as Activities Day leader and transferred right over to the boys! I am now the Cub Scout Den Leader. I spent over a week complaining to everyone who asked me how it was going (sorry), and now that that is out of the way, I am very excited to get to work and learn everything I need to do. As a farewell, my girls made me some cards to say good bye. One of my favorites was Felicity, who said "To Subrina, I will miss you because no one else cares! Just kidding!" I laughed so hard. I was so lucky to work with such a beautiful and unique group of girls.