Friday, February 3, 2012

some consequences of three

* Definitely the number one change for me is that if I want to leave the house at a certain time, I need to start that process 20 minutes in advance. Needless to say I am late a lot.

* The other day marked the first time ever that someone saw my house and felt sorry enough for me to return a few hours later offering to help me out. Yep, it was that messy. I let myself get a little farther behind than I used to. Thank you to Laura, who held Isaac while I cleaned and then put him to sleep so she could help me organize toys. What a lifesaver!

* Lily said the other day while staring at my belly: "Mom, is there a baby in there? It looks like there's a baby in there." I started attending some yoga classes and realized that my stomach muscles are completely worthless. Like I can't even work them because the rest of my body makes up the difference they are so weak.

* My absolute favorite comes from Adam. A few months ago Jackson was having a tantrum before school, but we sent him off with Adam to go anyways. I called a little while later asking how things went for the drop off. Adam answered that after getting in the car, Jackson was so quiet that he went to work instead of the school. He didn't remember Jack until he was in front of his work. I guess his memory is failing just like mine! haha!

These photos are a bit sad for me. Isaac is no longer a newborn! But of course that comes with smiles and giggles, so I guess a pretty good trade-off. So add another bullet to the list: I never take the time to take pictures!