Sunday, August 31, 2014


It is a sad thought this is my last baby I will get to hold while sleeping!  What a beauty.  And such a happy girl.  Fills me with wonder at least daily how lucky we are to have gotten her (because that was a hard road).
Amanda is a wonderful photograph taker!  These are mostly her shots from our time in St. George together.  I love how Ada's arm is outstretched and she still has multiple rolls!
At the sand dunes.  Love that hat!
 This is where Isaac ate breakfast every day.  What a great porch!  Lots of hot air balloon shows as well, so fun for the kids.
 We went up to Pinevalley one day.  Here is Dad telling stories of how aunts and uncles met.  Better than TV!
 On the same hammock I played on as a kid at my Grandma and Grandpa's house!  Unfortunately this was the straw that broke the camel's back, and the rusted metal broke a few minutes later...
 Henry is such a great reader!  Lily is pensively listening - she loves to pose for the camera!
 Nathan showing Henry how to play a video game, since his parents won't even buy a suitable TV.  Nathan was quite impressed by Jackson's skills.  I guess he forgot how good I was as a kid!
 At the trampoline park with Grandpa.  Dad thought it was so funny how Isaac never sank the trampoline because he is so tiny.
 Flower girl.  Lily seemed pretty happy with her summer in St. George.  She is starting at another school this year, the 3rd in 3 years.  She is such a trooper.
 And she loves her Aunt Amanda.  Who doesn't?  She is basically the best thing since sliced bread.
 The only time this has ever happened, and probably the last.  At our hotel in Boise, Idaho on the way home from Cannon Beach.  Cute kids.
Some other summer fun included having Carly and Carson come down for a sleep over.  We met Jana at the Tracy Aviary for the afternoon, then came home so the kids could play!  Lily and Jack are lucky to have such nice cousins.  They really do play great together.  They stayed 2 nights, and then Jana and Matt came up and we went to Pineview Reservoir to spend the afternoon at the beach.  The kids were in heaven.  Adam bought a little rowboat that they all loved.  Ada loved the water, I was surprised since it was so cold.  She loved the sand as well, and when she got back in the water with Adam actually fell asleep on his chest.
I also had a brithday - 32!  I got my hair cut, much to Adam's dismay.  Top comments included "What did you DO!!!" right when I walked in the door; and "You know I like long hair."  Always fun.  I bought a wheat grinder (so much more fun making bread when your kids actually eat it!), registered for a triathlon to do with Liz, and got my violin cleaned and fixed and a new case.  It was used by a neighbor for the past 5 years, and I finally got it back.  Very exciting!  We got to go on a date in St. George the weekend before too.  Good year.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CB ~ 2014

 Some of my favorites....Talking with Mom by the window.
 S'More's from a fire by Dad;  he was pretty disgusted in our idea of s'mores in the oven, so took out a bunch of recycling garbage and persisted and conquered despite my teasing and taunting.  We had some pretty good laughs.
 Isaac and Pete playing.  These two had a lot of fun and we wish we lived closer to each other!
 Babies love babies!  Sammy and Ada enjoying some post-nap play.
 Amanda made Dad an AMAZING breakfast in bed.  Dad kept on saying thank you to me even though the only thing I did was carry the plate in.  
 More playing!  That house is really great for kids.
 Isaac fighting the green.  Good luck buddy!
 Also he was determined to catch a sea gull.  It was pretty awesome: you can't beat a toddler's enthusiasm and surety for success at such a lofty goal.  He got Jack, Peter and Henry in on it, and they were at it for quite a while.  Eventually most of them were mad at each other though, thinking that somebody ELSE was to blame for the bird flying away...
 71 years!  Another quick bird story was at the fish hatchery outside Portland.  Adam bought fish food for the kids and up at a little pond Jackson bent down and got a duck to eat out of his hand.  Lily of course wanted to try but the ducks wanted nothing to do with her.  We thought they had got spooked but then Jack tried again with success!  Lily tried again and failed.  It was so funny.  Adam tried and failed.  Jack succeeded.  Adam helped Lily who finally succeeded with Jack's coaching.  Then Adam helped Isaac succeed.  Jack is our bird charmer apparently!
 The ocean!  Peter and Isaac had been playing tag with the waves when one bowled over Isaac.  After that he didn't want to go near the water, just shoot it with his gun.
 Seven year old Lily!  Beautiful girl.  She loved running and playing in the water - no fear of the cold for her!
 Jackson contemplating and showing off his muscly thighs.  He is a strong boy.  Good thing Cannon Beach is kind of isolated.  This kid will wander and explore to his heart's content no matter how many admonitions and/or threats he gets!
 Ada liked it.  I didn't like having to monitor how much got in her eyes or diaper area.  Sand diapers are the worst.
 My little cuddle buddy.  After listening to Lily and Jackson be so excited about Cannon Beach he of course started repeating "I want to go to Cannon Beach!"  When we drove into town and pointed out the water to the kids Isaac kept on saying "Where's Cannon Beach?"  I forgot that the last time we were there he was 9 months old.
 Movie time!  Lily and Jackson slept on the fold out bed and thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a TV in their bedroom.  They (didn't really but had to have us come and turn it off for them) fall asleep to movies every night.
 Uncle Tyler got a kite for his birthday.  Our kids commandeered as much time as they could.
 Jackson was sooooo excited it got up in the air for him!
 I was determined to do something else on our trip to Tillamook.  I found a little waterfall hike that we went on.  Like most things, Jackson ran ahead of everyone outside of shouting distance, got to the end, and passed us on his way back to where the car was....Tyler ran back to get him when we realized he had gone all the way back, and we had to point up to the waterfall to show him what he missed the first time!
 Luckily Amanda and Tyler let me borrow Sam's stroller.  That was a steep hike!  Ada was happy as usual even though she had a cold.
 Jack ran to the bottom to play in the creek.  He was so hot he dipped his head in to cool off.  I can't remember why Pete was sad, but boy that face reminds me of Amanda!
Lily was very excited until she asked Grandpa for a ride and he said no.  Poor girl.  Even though we were carrying her around until way older than other kids because she is so tiny, she still wants to be carried all of the time and gets very sad when we say no!  The hike was nice since we could stop and look at all of the beautiful green foliage.  Outdoor Oregon is so refreshing.
This is what Isaac was doing while I was packing for the trip.  Not sure how to label it but it was really funny.  And yes he did get the pump up and down a few times.  It is so much fun to watch him grow up.  He is a super good talker and loves to ask to watch Star Wars and have otter pops.  And popcorn, if Grandma and Grandpa are in town.  :)