Thursday, January 23, 2014

yippee skippee

 Hopefully I am not just jinxing myself, but DANG I am excited that it is 2014!
 This little mermaid girl went out with Mimi to get a haircut and came back with bangs and blue hair.  I wonder why no one thought to maybe call the 7 YEAR OLD'S mom to see if it was okay?  Oh well, as she was pretty excited and her teacher at school said it was okay.  Although my first Sunday back to church was kind of funny:  Lily with blue hair and Jackson in snow pants - he had gone sledding with Adam the day before and wouldn't change.  *swish swish* walking down the hall to Primary.
 Isaac loves to hold Ada, usually for a pretty long time.  He doesn't understand necks yet and so I had them cuddle this way.  Pretty cute.  Jackson is playing the Wii.  This activity causes something to shut down in his brain - Liz thinks it is the emotion center.  He teases tons more, and is very grumpy.  But MAN he gets excited and soooooooo happy when he gets restricted time to play, and will pace around in his free time talking about the different levels and characters and when is Dad going to be home to play with him and his friend Josh is so good and can beat the entire game and how easy that part is really cute, and would be even more so if the grumpy times didn't occur.
 Ada is 7 weeks today and is so much fun.  She is starting to smile and is quite a pleasant baby.  A little bit of fussiness at night, but that is about it.  Look at those cheeks!  I can't believe how filled out she is.
 Isaac just had his 2 year check up.....just a few months late.  He is actually back on the charts for size!  Yeah!  Everything else looking good as well.
 He has just recently started acting out quite a bit for attention - drawing with marker on the fridge; dumping half a bottle of lemon oil on a (thankfully) wooden chair; spreading around toys on the ground like crazy every chance he gets (which is not as bad as it sounds because he is fabulous at cleaning up and will sing the clean up song while he does it); peanuts in the toilet, rolls of toilet paper in toilet or the full bath, his shirt in the bath - all this in the last 24 hours!  So fun!
And here is the crew minus me.  I love this picture as it shows Jackson's favorite silly face, Ada being loved by Lily, and Isaac's all-time favorite game of jumping on Dad.  Family happiness right there; a good reminder after nights like last night when I was alone with all 4 kids.....wasn't quite prepared for that and I may have a sore throat from yelling at the misbehavers....